Metroid Dread’s new demo lets you try one of the best games of the year for free

Nintendo is now offering a free demo of Metroid Dread, meaning you can try one of the best games of the year at no cost before plunking down the cash to buy the full game. You can grab the demo from Nintendo’s website (click the “Download Demo” link) or on the eShop on your Switch.

If you’re on the fence about Metroid Dread, I really recommend you download the demo to give the game a shot. If you’ve played a 2D Metroid, you’ll probably feel right at home, as Dread is an excellent evolution of action and exploration the games are known for. But the game mixes up the formula a bit with tense chase sequences where you’re fleeing from powerful robots called E.M.M.I. The boss fights are also quite good, though there are a few too many of them, which can slow down the game’s pace. Check out our review if you want to learn more.