Pregnant woman left fuming after stranger criticises her for snacking at bus stop

A woman was left fuming after a stranger approached her to ‘tell her off’, as she stood at a bus stop on her way to a hospital appointment – and asked for advice online

Who actually appreciates unsolicited patronising advice? Especially when it comes from a complete stranger?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is “no one.” Yet, it seems not a day can go by where people can’t help but insert themselves into other people’s business.

Sadly mums seem particularly prone to receiving ‘help’ from strangers – whether they asked for it or not.

Of course, the comment might be well-intended, and sometimes even correct – but often it’s overbearing and inappropriate.

One woman found herself on the receiving end of some unsolicited advice from a complete stranger while she waited for a bus on her way to the hospital.

On Mumsnet, she wrote: “I was on my way to an appointment with the Midwife this morning around 10:30am.

“I was running late because I was feeding DD and didn’t have time for any breakfast. Left to get the bus and grabbed a pack of Salt and Vinegar Squares from Sainsbury’s and ate it at the bus stop once I had gotten off the bus.

“Minding my business eating my Squares and some woman comes up to me saying ‘you shouldn’t be eating crisps at this time of the day.

“I told her I’m pregnant and I’ll eat whatever I want when I want. She then said I was rude and unfit to be mum and went about her day!

“Am I being unreasonable in thinking she’s actually the rude one coming up to me telling me off as if I’m her 5-year-old child lol.”

It’s quite a bold statement to make to a stranger – and even weirder to think it makes them unfit to be a mum.

One person commented: “How weird. I think I’d have wanted to follow her saying sorry sorry for eating crisps. What am I allowed to eat please? Is it ok if I have a croissant?”

Another wrote: “I had salt and vinegar crisps at 9am today as they are the only thing that takes away that horrible pregnancy taste in my mouth. Makes me feel so sick otherwise, but the crisps fix it.

“She was rude, and it would have been rude even if you weren’t pregnant.’

A third added: “I don’t know if you’re visibly pregnant but there’s something about it which attracts busybodies sticking their noses in.

“During my first pregnancy the only caffeine I had was one single can of Diet Coke a day, and my boss snarkily asked me ‘do unborn babies like aspartame then?’. Wanker.”

One person commented: “She was 100% BU. However, I do agree with her that salt and vinegar crisps for breakfast would start my whole day off badly. But telling a stranger not to do it?! Unpardonable.”

“Obviously she was in the wrong. But I wonder if some people are so lonely they will attempt social interaction in any way possible.

“My dear son works in a cafe, they have an elderly lady who goes in every day and every day she goes up to the counter to complain,” added another.