The midwife pressured us to choose – now I can’t stand my daughter’s name’

One stressed-out dad asked for opinions on Mumsnet, after a midwife pressured him and his wife in the hospital to choose a suitable baby name for their

Choosing the right name for your child is a big decision, and requires a lot of consideration.

The process of choosing isn’t always filled with fun – as parents think carefully about the right name for their bundle of joy.

One couple has really struggled with what to name their daughter – and it didn’t help when they were told it was the same name as a certain Coronation Street star.

Taking to Mumsnet, the stressed dad explained: “When my wife was pregnant I wanted to call her Olive after my Olive tree, a couple of weeks before she was born I thought Maeve was a nice name also.

“When she was born I was torn between the 2 names, the midwife put pressure on us to name the baby so we named her Maeve.

“Six months on my wife and myself didn’t like Maeve because it is one syllable so we changed her name to Mavis Olive.

“My wife loves the name Mavis I like it more than Maeve but it [doesn’t] really warm to me. I really regret not naming her Olive.

“I love Mavis she is perfect I guess I’m worried she might not like her name one day too. This issue has me really stressed.

Helpful Mumsnet users reminded the dad of other characters who also have the name Maeve.

One referenced the UK’s longest-running soap Coronation Street, saying: “Mavis just reminds me of Coronation Street, but I’m old and some names are making a come back

Another added: “I think Mavis has Coronation Street connotations for some people over the age of 40, which make it seem an “old person’s name”

“I think objectively it’s a lovely, pretty-sounding name. Particularly when you consider its meaning. I agree with previous posters that it is well overdue a comeback.”

A third commented: “Mavis is a rad name, it’s on my list of future dog’s names for sure! All about old lady names, they’re lovely.

“Olive is just one trad name I can’t warm to… maybe it’s that I didn’t like popeye & eat a lot of them… may as well call the kid “biscuit” or something

“You had ages to think of names you like & see how they sound to you over time. The kid’s been named now.

“It’s odd when people change dogs’ names for the sake of it & think you need to let this go, or you will transfer your feelings to the child in some way.”