Family stunned as ‘pet dog’ turns out to be wild fox that mauled livestock

A family believed they had purchased a Siberian husky puppy but later found out it was in fact a fox after it went on a killer rampage in a neighbourhood in Peru

A family were stunned after learning their ‘pet dog ‘ was actually a wild fox – and had been mauling their ducks and chickens instead of protecting them.

Maribel Soleto purchased the dog thinking it was a cute Siberian husky pup, and as it grew she didn’t notice the tell-tale signs that it was actually a fox.

She named the dog Run Run, and when local livestock was being attacked at night she never thought that it could be her pet that was the culprit.

But then someone pointed out that their dog looked suspiciously like an Andean fox – complete with bushy tail and pointed head, as Sky News reports.

Maribel, from Lima, Peru, said: “We had thought he was a purebred puppy. A lady told us that it had eaten three large guinea pigs.”

Walter Silva, a local veterinarian and wildlife specialist, said it is not uncommon for wild animals to be brought from Amazonian areas by “traffickers” to be illegally traded in Lima.

He said: “Trafficking in wildlife brings these consequences. Many specimens are captured from hatchlings. For this, they kill the parents and these juveniles are illegally traded in informal markets.

“In this case, a fox bought as a domestic dog.”

The fox has since gone missing, but officials of the state National Forest and Wildlife Service said they will take him to a special centre or zoo once he is found.

Meanwhile, one dog owner was relieved when she finally discovered why she constantly had ‘filthy’ windows – as she caught her dog mindlessly licking them.

Anna Dunford, 36, has two Siberian huskies, Bear and Baloo, and for the past two years her windows had been growing increasingly hard to keep clean and she had no idea why.

Then one day, her mother was looking after the dogs and went to prepare their food in the kitchen, and to de-stress the process she shut the dogs in the next room, separated by a door with glass windows.

The hungry dogs lined up to watch as their dog-sitter scooped out their food, and as she glanced back she noticed that eager Baloo had his nose pressed against the glass and was licking away in anticipation.